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The ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R has been developed for producing dense dry ice blocks in various sizes by compressing dry ice pellets. Be it in combination with an existing or with a new dry ice pelletizer, the ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R is a very convenient tool to complement the dry ice pellet business with dry ice blocks.

The compact machine is driven by a powerful and unique hydraulic unit featuring instant push button start. All functions are controlled by a Siemens PLC S7-1200. A touch screen provides good overview and easy operation, a comprehensive monitoring, easy maintenance and optimal service planning. An integrated production control system allows to define and supervise the amount of blocks or weight to be produced.

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Image Specifications

Production capacity:
200 to 700 kg/h (440 to 1'543 lb) (depending on block size) based on the use of 3 mm pellets, freshly produced on ASCO dry ice pelletizers
480 V / 60 Hz / 3 Ph + PE (other voltages on request)
Dimensions (L x W x H):
approx. 1'140 mm x 1'140 mm x 1'620 mm (45 x 45 x 64 in)
Weight net:
approx. 510 kg (1'122 lb) (without hydraulic oil)
approx. 580 kg (1'276 lb) (with hydraulic oil)
Weight packed:
680 kg (1'499 lb)
Total power installed:
9.5 kW (12.7 HP)
Max. average power consumption:
< 3 kW (4 HP)
Standby mode:
0.6 kW (0.8 HP)
Basis media:
3 mm (1/8 in) dry ice pellets
Dry ice density blocks:
1.54 kg / dm3 (96 lb/ft3)
Standard block/slice sizes:
210 x 125 mm (8.3 x 4.9 in), thickness 16 to 60 mm (0.6 to 2.3 in) rsp. weight 650 to 2'430 kg (1.4 to 5.4 lb) thickness and weight stepless adjustable)
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Wrapping of Dry Ice Slices

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