1. Latest IGBT based technology
2. Frequency and ultrasonic power, LED display screen.
3. Power high and low indication adjustment with soft touch button.
4. Current in Amp.
5. Digital Timer with up/down keys for setting the time.
6. Inbuilt cooling fan with plug and play functioning.
7. 70 microns hardchrome plating on transducer mounted walls of tank.
8. PZT sandwich type transducers from Ceramtec- Germany.
9. Tubular type S. S. Immersion Heater
10. Digital Timer and Digital Temperature Controller provided on tank.
11. Australian Imported sound proofing used to reduce ultrasonic noise to a very great level.
12. Float Switch provided for maintaining minimum liquid level
13. Ball valve provided for drain.

MultiStage Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
MultiStage Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

1. Power Input :-    415 V, 3 phase AC supply
2. Ultrasonic frequency range :-    20 KHz to 40 KHz
3. Ultrasonic Power range :-    250 watts to 4000 watts

a. Pre-cleaning Stage
b. Rinsing Stage
c. Drying Stage
d. Rust preventive oil dipping stage

1. Customized Basket
2. False Tray
3. Lid (Manual, Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic)
4. Filtration System
5. Oil Skimmer
6. Fully Automatic PLC Based robot transporter
7. Dunking arrangement