Dry ice blasting unit


With its powerful one-hose-system, the Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 1701 is the ideal combination of high performance and easy handling.

The Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 1701 is a compact, mobile and is mounted on 4 wheels. It is supplied with 7.5 m (295.28 in) single hose and high pressure gun type OHP. It is equipped with a regulator for setting the working pressure and dry ice consumption on the control panel. The powerful ASCOJET 1701 is suitable for industrial end users like foundries, tyre manufacturers, the food industry and the printing industry who require high performance.

Image Specifications

Weight empty:
Approx. 84 kg (185.2 lbs)
Blasting pressure:
0 - 10 bar (0 - 145 psi)
Dry ice consumption:
25 - 80 kg/hr stepless (55.1 - 176.4 lbs/hr)

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