Dry ice blasting unit

ASCOJET combi blaster 1708

The ASCOJET Combi Blaster 1708 is the first ASCOJET dry ice blasting unit which allows the use of an additional blasting material in the dry ice stream and therefore offers the best combination of gentle cleaning with dry ice pellets and the additional abrasive effect of a carefully selected additive.

This dry ice blasting unit is powerful, handy, minimal secondary pollution and reduced noise emission thanks to low air consumption. The ASCOJET Combi Blaster 1708 is perfectly suitable for industrial end users of all kinds.

Image Specifications

Weight empty:
Approx. 84 kg (185.19 lbs)
Blasting pressure:
4 - 8 bar (58 - 116 psi) with additive, 0 - 10 bar (0 - 145 psi) without additive
Dry ice consumption:
25 - 80 kg/hr stepless (55.12 - 176.37 in)
Additive consumption:
Approx. 30 kg/hr (66.14 lbs)

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